Kefirko Cheese Maker 1.4l


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The Kefirko Cheese maker set includes: glass jar (1.4l), mesh basket, ring lid, transparent lid, pressing-spring, user manual and recipe book in English

The best description comes from Kefirko themselves:

The cheese making tool for every home cook!

Kefirko Cheese Maker is a kitchen tool for home preparation of kefir cheese and other kinds of cheese like mozzarella, curd cheese or mascarpone. To prepare homemade cheese you simply pour cultured dairy in the mesh basket, leave to strain for a few hours, flavor the cheese the way you like it and serve it.

I also use my cheesemakers to brew tea and ferment kombucha or make some milk kefir on busy days, where I don’t want my grains to lay directly in the milk, which requires straining, with this system, I just lift them out. I also strain my milk kefir in it to make a thicker yoghurt.

All the elements are BPA free and are compatible with the traditional Kefirko jars.

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