Kefirko 1.4l Jar


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The Kefirko set includes: glass jar (1.4l), strainer lid, sealing lid, squeezer, stirrer, user manual and recipe book in English

This is the best investment you can do for an easy everyday use of your new friends!

Kefirko is an all-in-one system designed to make the entire brewing and fermenting process easier. You don’t need a separate strainer; it is included in the lid. Just open the sealing lid and pour! The grains will stay in the jar. If you are making milk kefir in it, use the sealing lid to measure the grain quantity needed for the next batch. I also use those jars for small kombucha batches as the wide opening allows an easy access to the scoby. For the same reason I like to use them with the 2nd fermentation lid for my sourdough.

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