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1 tsp for 2.5 dl hälsofil

Hälsofil is a Swedish creamy yoghurt that can be served in a glass or served over cereals in a bowl. It is very creamy and has a soft, neutral taste. It is perfect for breakfast, as a snack or in a dip. For “connaisseurs”, it is similar to filmjölk, but without the tart aspect, and is seen as being the healthier “sibling” thanks to its higher content of probiotics, especially lactococcus lactis L1A.

One bag contains one teaspoon of Hälsofil starter. This can be stored in the fridge until you are ready to reactivate it following the instructions in our “how to” section.

It is important that you open and activate the Hälsofil starter quickly upon delivery as they are living cultures and therefore have no expiry date (on the packaging you will see a lot number which allows us to know when it was handled). If you need some more time, put the bag containing the Hälsofil starter in the fridge until you are ready to reactivate it.

This starter contains cow milk.

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