scoby&friends’ web shop was closed for some weeks, while we were having some quality family time. Each trip we take and each encounter we make, is a reason to discover new cultured foods and widen our knowledge about the probiotic food topic.

As we spent some time in Miami and our cultured friends were not part of the trip, the first thing we looked up on the internet: are there any sourdough bakeries to visit??? And we found: Zak the Baker in Wynwood, the trendy art district! So we drove there to pick up some of the best bread and pastries we’ve had in a long time (The chocolate babka is just the best!!! Not sure it was sourdough, but it was out of this world). Once we had devoured all these wonderful bread and pastries, our bodies were requesting some probiotic drinks…well…I won’t develop about the store-bought milk kefir (brand Lifeway) as it was more than average. But then we tried some store kombucha and got very surprised. Health Ade became our favourite brand. The bottle and label were beautifully designed and the brand inspired us to experiment with some new flavouring (we loved the one on the picture below as well as the pink lady apple!)

Health ade, store-bought Kombucha
Health ade, store-bought Kombucha
sourdough bakery
Zak the Baker, Sourdough bakery

Even though our cultured friends were not able to travel with us, this trip allowed us to even more appreciate our sourdough starters, milk kefir grains and kombucha scobies. Keep your eyes and your mind open when you travel, there is always something to learn and bring home! We are impatiently trying out our new kombucha flavouring and working on our sourdough recipes.