Those nice autumn days call for some tasty food and warm atmospheres. There is one very easy recipe you can do which will make your home smell heavenly and create a very good caramel tasting milk kefir! All you need to do is let the milk “burn” in the oven, let it cool and use this milk instead of normal milk for your next milk kefir batch!

For approximately ½ liter of baked milk kefir you need:

-One portion of milk kefir grains

-1 liter milk


Turn on the oven on 230°C

Poor the milk in a baking dish and insert in oven

Let it bake until you get a brown crust on almost the entire surface (this can take from 45 minutes to 2 hours)

Take the dish out and let the milk cool. For more color, push down the crust in the milk

Strain the cold baked milk (to avoid getting some milk skin in the kefir) in your usual kefir container, add the milk kefir grains and proceed as usual to obtain baked milk kefir.