How to proceed with your Kombucha scoby

  • Prepare 1 ½ liter of strong tea (4 tsp of leaves or 4 bags of the type of tea required by your scoby) in a vessel big enough (make sure the opening is big enough to manipulate the scoby without hurting it)
  • Add ½ dl sugar (or ½ dl honey if you have a jun scoby) and stir until dissolved
  • Allow to cool to room temperature
  • Add the scoby and the starter (the stinky liquid surrounding the scoby in the bag) to the tea mixture
  • Cover the vessel with a coffee filter and close tightly with a rubber band or a string (the Kombucha scoby needs air to brew)
  • Allow to ferment in a dark place, without disturbing it, for 24 hours to 2 weeks. If the kombucha has a strong vinegar smell, it was fermenting too long or in a too high temperature. It might take some batches to get to know your scoby
  • Strain your liquid and pour it into an airtight bottle to get a fizzy kombucha
  • Flavor it by adding fruits, juices, sirups or spices. The only limit is your imagination!
  • Allow to ferment until the flavor matches your taste (be careful when opening it, it can be “explosive”!)
  • Refrigerate and enjoy!
  • Start over the procedure for a new batch but don’t forget to keep about 1 ½ dl of the previous batch (starter liquid). You will need to add it in the fresh tea along with the scoby
    Tips: Once your scoby has found a good balance, it will produce a baby scoby. Let it grow bigger with its mom. When it seems strong enough, you can start a second culture or give it to a friend!

Take a break from it: If you are not going to use your scoby for a while, it can survive up to 6 weeks without any care. After this period of time, just keep some liquid as a starter and follow the usual procedure. The scoby might take some time before “brewing” as it used to, but it will 😊