How to proceed with your mesophilic yogurt

  • Put the flakes of yogurt in a small jar (for a general capacity of 2.5dl)
  • Add 0.5dl of cold milk and stir well (for safety reasons, I only use UHT milk. You can use raw, standardized etc. You can also try with skimmed milk etc, but the result might not be as creamy)
  • Cover tightly and allow to rest in a cupboard (a dark place and in room temperature) until the milk has thickened. Be patient, this can take time, up to several days.
  • Add 2dl of milk to the previously thickened mixture, stir, cover and put back in the cupboard until the milk has become creamy (this process can take from 3 to 12 hours. If you let it too long, it will become clumpy, almost stiff and will slowly start to separate. The more you let it ferment, the stronger the taste
  • Put the yogurt in the fridge to stop the process
  • Enjoy a cold yogurt full of probiotics! Always keep 0.5 dl of the batch and restart the procedure indefinitely as long as you always do it in the following 3-4 days (to keep the cultures as active as possible)

Take a break from it: If you are not going to drink your mesophilic yoghurt for a while, just fill up an icecube tray with it and keep in the freezer for up to 3 months. Take out 2-3 cubes, let them thaw and follow the usual procedure.