How to proceed with the sourdough starter

  • In a small jar (e.g. a Kefirko jar), add your bag of starter to 50g water and 50g of flour and stir
  • Let it rest in a warm place like a cupboard for about 24 hours
  • When you see it producing some bubbles: add again 50g water and 50g flour and stir
  • Let it rest again for 24 hours
  • When it is nicely bubbly, take 50g of this starter and put it into a new jar, add 50g water and 50g flour into the new jar and stir. Discard the rest. (Always respect the ratio 1starter-1water-1flour)
  • Repeat for some days until the starter gets its magical sour smell and strong bubbles. To see if it is ready to be baked with, take a spoon of it, add it to a glass of water. If it floats, it is ready. If it sinks, continue the procure for some days. Follow the procedure indefinitely
    Tips: if you judge that the starter is too liquid or too thick to bake with, adapt the quantities of water or flour for the last few feedings before the bake. If you need a bigger amount to bake with, don’t discard, but adapt the quantities of flour and water to the starter quantity. And don’t forget to always leave some starter to continue with, following the 1-1-1 ratio.

Take a break from it: If you are not going to use your sourdough for a while, feed it, put it in a clean jar with a closed lid and store it in the fridge.