Milk kefir tastes good! It is an affordable way to convert your usual milk into a lovely creamy drink, but you maybe want some further arguments before buying some milk kefir grains and adding milk kefir to your daily routine.

There are so many articles describing all the magical properties of drinking milk kefir. As I am not a doctor nor a scientist, I only have my experience to convince you that they really are MAGICAL so I collected some points I found in literature that I also could relate to.

  • Milk kefir makes milk more digest

The grains grow and transform the milk by eating the lactose (the milk sugar) in the milk. The longer you ferment the milk, the less lactose it contains

  • Milk kefir is full of probiotics

When fermenting the milk, the milk kefir grains release all kinds of microorganisms called probiotics, which are helping the body to work correctly and to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind (believe me or not, it has been proved that your gut’s health directly influences your brains health, and more particularly your mood)

  • Milk kefir regulates digestion

Thanks to all those probiotics, the gut flora is much more efficient and helps regulates the intestines’ work

  • Milk kefir Improves skin problems

When consumed on a regular basis, milk kefir can help fight eczema, dermatitis, acne and all kind of skin problems. Those are often linked to a lack of probiotics in the body, and milk kefir helps stabilizing the body’s general immune system by bringing some probiotics with antibacterial properties

To summarize all the interesting findings, here comes a great visual found on

As I said, I am not a scientist, so I am happy to redirect to what has been written in a professional way if you want to learn more about our amazing friends:

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