About Us

At scoby&friends, we love to be home. We work from home, meet our friends and family at home and of course, we grow our cultures at home. This allows us to keep a close eye on their perpetual evolution and react to the needs of our scobies and their friends. Yes, scobies have friends, too! So by “friends”, we mean: kefir grains, sourdough starters, yogurt starters… all kind of things needing the same attention, the same hygiene but above all, the same love as our scobies. But why did we decide to give them all such an important place in our home? First of all, we love to cook and we believe that “we are what we eat”. Our daughter also had a severe dermatitis as a toddler and after some research, we decided to successfully add some milk kefir to her diet to help her fight this from the inside. We ordered some kefir grains and that’s is how our “culturing” journey began and quickly became a part of our daily routine. Progressively, we added Water Kefir and Kombucha to our “collection”.
A couple of years ago, we decided to go all “homemade” to limit the kids’ sugar and preservative intake as well as limit the use of disposable plastic containers. We started using yogurt ferments (mesophilic and thermophilic) from different sources and recently we noticed there still was one thing we consumed on a daily basis: bread! We always loved to bake, but were depending on yeast bought from the store. This led us to create our own “Louis Litt” starter, a biga, started on filmjölk and rye. Louis has now been in our family for a while and gets his portion of rye and water twice a day. As he felt a bit lonely, we added two more starters: spelt and wheat. We now use all 3 friends to prepare different recipes, going from bread to waffles and pizza (we are working on some good recipes, have a look at our blog section in the following days!). We are hoping on adding other friends to our collection and our wish is to provide your home with a joyful source of probiotics!